There are several criteria that an ISP considers while reporting spam against an email. Spamming proves to be economic for advertisers as it involves no operating costs. There are numerous spammers across the web and pose a serious threat to honest online advertisers. As a result Internet Service Providers (ISP) has formulated several measures to check the increasing rate of spamming. Only a trusted email campaign expert can help you avoid spamming like a pro.

The three common methods of email spamming used by the major ISPs and servers are:

Blacklisting – ISPs use this technique to identify which emails from a particular address should be blocked. Such lists would contain domains or IP addresses of known or expected spammers. If spam emails are sent from a domain continually, it might be blocked permanently. Also, constant spam complaints may cause domains to be on the blacklists. Sometimes, blacklists also contain email service providers who are into opt-in marketing.

Content Filters – This method is purely based on the content of the emails. Emails containing ‘spam’ terms in the body can get filtered by the ISP. Here, the entire domain or IP address is not blocked, but that particular email is. Though it might seem less serious, it can affect a major percentage of emails if continued unchecked.

Volume Filters - Most of the prominent ISPs trigger volume filters for emails that exceed the stipulated maximum rate. Industry based or categorized mailing invariably has large percentage of users with common major ISPs like Yahoo and MSN.

Sophisticated mail servers these days bounce email from mass mailing campaigns. Servers show up on your report as if the email didn't exist. This has lead to email service providers and email tools reporting a lot more bounces while the emails actually exist. This problem is also because of the type and the number of emails of emails you have sent to that server.

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Things you need to know before sending email campaigns

Just purchasing business data from reputed vendors does not guarantee success of your email campaigns. You need to know certain statistics and technicalities before jump-starting your campaigns.

•Best Days to Send Email – Most of the people open their emails within first 24 hours (73.5%) or 48 hours (85.3%). So it’s better to roll-out campaigns on the start of the week, as it gets highest open rate and click rate.

•Subject Lines – Length of subject lines has a great impact on open rates. It has been found that subject lines shorter than 35 characters are opened more than the longer ones 

•Personalization – results have proved that there are more opens and clicks when the message is personalized.

•Number of Recipients – It’s good to keep number of subscribers within 1000, as small and medium lists generate better results.

•Open Rate – As compared to the previous years, open rate is showing an upward trend and stands at 25.63%. So, people are opening mails more than ever. This shows you’re your email campaigns have a better chance.

•Click Rates – Click rates have dropped by 4.7% as compared to last quarter. So even though subscribers may open your mail, the message to be enticing enough to get clicks.

•Deliverability – Likelihood of an email being delivered to the inbox depends on Sender Score. It measures the reputation of an email sender. Deliverability has increased to 95% and is showing an upward trend, showing that marketers are taking care of Spam laws and bounces more than ever.

At B2Bdatapartners, we not only provide you with business contact data but also look for ways to ensure that your aim of list purchase is accomplished.

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Mailing Lists are important for different industry segments

Mailing lists are crucial for different industry backgrounds such as advertisers, marketers, publishers, and other networks. Advertising and publishing field is always evolving and innovative. The right advertising mailing list is an important part perhaps the most important step in creating a successful marketing campaign

Here are some reasons:

• Maximized results
• Swift returns
• Effective personalization
• Better segmentation
• High delivery rates
• Increased brand awareness

Time is money and money is time! Emails reach in seconds and bring results promptly. An accurate information/database about your clients or customers will suffice you with quality results. Click here to choose your mailing list based on your industry preference. 

A good mailing list allows you to segment your customers based on behavior, SIC code, province and many other such criteria. Segmentation helps you measure your Campaign results more effectively. You can create a positive impact for your company by delivering your brand in the form of newsletters, offers etc. Add value to your brand with accurate mailing lists. 

B2Bdatapartners provides you with the most exclusive and highly targeted database to make the best out of your direct marketing efforts. Now you can increase your marketing ROI with a database that includes detailed fields such as titles, location, and other demographics. Our B2B database brings you top management officials, Business developers, directors, presidents and other key decision makers from several organizations.

Updated every 30 days, our database is perfect for your online or offline businesses. Accurate and complete, our online database is ready for immediate marketing, ensuring maximum deliverability rates.

How you Can Easily Build a Shiny Clean List

Did you know?
  • 75% of commercial businesses believe that they are losing as much as 73% of revenue due to poor data quality – Experian QAS
  • Poor data quality costs U.S. businesses more than $600 billion annually – Data Warehousing Institute

B2Bdatapartners clean data

The most important thing to remember about list management is that it is an ongoing procedure. It cannot be a one-time operation because people move jobs, change their phone numbers and create new email addresses. (Consider that 11 percent of the U.S. population moves annually.) Also, customers have complete access to their contact information; over the phone, through the mail, in the store or branch, so opportunities for changes are everywhere. And it is your responsibility to keep your database updated with the latest information. Otherwise the discrepancies added to your system multiply like rats.

1. Format your fields. You want consistent terms and formats across a given field. E.g. the date field: Ensure you maintain DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY throughout the data base.
2. Parse components. Break down strings of data into multiple fields so you can more effectively standardize data elements with greater accuracy.
3.  Check content. Fields may appear populated but are not accurate (for example, a phone number may contain letters). Your data-cleansing process should identify and correct these anomalies so your data is fit for use.
4. Eliminate duplicates. Identify matches and eliminate duplicate records. These records cause unnecessary strain on your resources.
5. Eliminate hard bounces. In the case of emails, even a few hard bounces will get your IP address blacklisted. Take extra precaution in this regard.

Many companies are embarking upon list management initiatives. Their success relies completely upon clean lists. B2Bdatapartners makes sure your list is fresh, updated and always accurate. Contact us today.

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List Hygiene - 5 Ways to Do It the Right Way

Maintaining List Hygiene Is A Must 

You definitely know now that building a data repository (list) is vital for your business, but are you aware that it also needs to be cleansed regularly? 

As per an estimate, nearly forty five million people change their email address in a year, so your probability of having non-existent email contacts in your list is likely to be 85%. Moreover, we take permission from our subscribers to send mails and assume it was granted for a lifetime. 

Permission is perishable, and it’s most likely that your customers have forgot your brand if you were not actively in touch with them and infrequent in emails. Maintaining proper list hygiene becomes even more necessary if your list is old. 

Here are 5 quick tips that can help you polish your business list:  

1.Handle unsubscribe requests on priority
2.Analyze bounce-backs, identify reasons for the same, determine subsequent course of action and remove hard bounces from your list
3.Monitor your "reply to" address to ensure that the sender is legitimate 
4.Examine your open and click-through rates
5.Try to re-engage inactive list members, and if your initiative doesn’t work, remove them from the list

In a nutshell, if your subscribers aren't interested; spend your time in communicating with those who are interested and remove the uninterested lot. B2Bdatapartners has expertise in maintaining list hygiene, contact us to know more. 

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Why list is extremely important for your business?

To create a complete 360 degrees marketing campaign, you need an integrated and complete B2B database. Instead of taking up the daunting task of building a mailing list from the scratch, why not switch to prepackaged lists? They are made to suit your industry specific needs and meet your business demands.

You can use the prepackaged list through a number of marketing strategies in order to maximize the flow of income into your business. Whether you are into telemarketing, direct or email marketing, if you do not possess a proper list, then you would need to send out random sales proposals to individuals. 

This in fact is an extremely bad choice since you fail to know your target audience and just simply beat around the bush. Instead, a prepackaged list will give you the opportunity to know who your target market really is. 

By knowing your target market you will have a better understanding about the whole industry. Also, you shall have a very large chance of acquiring a business deal from these targeted leads. 

Marketers are coming up with new strategies to win the marketing game. They all have multi-functional strategies that will attract more prospects towards your campaign. By having hundreds of highly targeted prospects in your mailing list your marketing strategies becomes 150% stronger.  

B2Bdatapartners gives you email lists exactly as per your segmentation requirements. They are also up-to-date, cleansed and verified. Use our robust data management solutions and see your campaign get the highest response rates.

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How List Segmentation can Dramatically Boost Response Rates

Email marketing occupies a pride of place as the most effective digital marketing method. So putting in place a good email list management system is worth the effort because it can make or break your email-marketing campaign.

One of the most important aspects of a good list management system is segmentation. Imagine you’re a biking enthusiast and you receive an email about the latest art exhibition in town. You obviously consider the sender as spam and don’t want to hear from them ever again. So a seemingly genuine event manager gets blacklisted just because he did not segment his list.

The general categories used to segment a list are:
  •         Prospects vs. Customers – perhaps the most important segmentation criteria. You don’t want to overwhelm a prospect or disrespect a customer by sending them the same content.
  •       Demographics (ZIP/postal code, gender, age, occupation) – If your subscriber divulges his preferences on your fill up form, he expects you to use them to send relevant content.
  •      Activity level of subscribers – people who regularly open your emails can be given more information to reward their loyalty. Subscribers who’ve just signed up need more pampering. Those who’ve become inactive need to be shaken up.
  •       Hobbies / Interests - Don’t bother your entire subscriber list with content that only applies to some of them. For example, a church might send new nursery rules only to those who signed up for childcare updates.
  •       Purchase Activity – Send different emails to those Send an email to people who purchased a particular product from your store, or to people who spent a certain amount of money at your store. Better yet, offer a discount to your most frequent customers.

Now that you’ve segmented your list and assuming the content is ready, you have to do one final check. The list must and should be clean, verified, updated and bounce-free. Good or bad data hygiene will decide whether you’re black-listed or not.

B2Bdatapartners gives you email lists exactly as per your segmentation requirements. They are also up-to-date, cleansed and verified. Use our robust data management solutions and see your campaign get the highest response rates.

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Should You Build a Mailing List or Just Buy One?

Mailing list plays an extremely important role for both online and offline marketing. However, building a list form the scratch is not an easy task. It takes time, patience and lots of quality sources to drive in all the leads. And most of the time such leads hardly are of desired quality.

Therefore, in such cases the smarter thing to do is to buy a database filled with targeted contact details and vital demographics that will provide you with quality targeted audience. All you need to do is simply choose a reliable vendor and provide them with the details of how your target audience should be.

Buying an instant mailing list will also save you time and money and lots of other efforts.

Here are a few key pointers that will help you decide better:


Buying an instant mailing list is far more convenient. You just place your details to your vendor and they will arrange for the entire prepackaged list that will suit your criteria

Data accuracy:

Generating your own lists can result into lots of inaccuracies and inconsistencies. This will happen especially when you are not sure of the source of your data and its quality.

Regularly updated:

Prepackaged lists are regularly updated to ensure its freshness. You might not have this facility while compiling your own list.

Number of contacts:

While building a list, you might face the daunting task of collecting a huge number of leads. However, prepackaged lists would come with huge number of contacts, along with all of their other details – all compiled and collected into one pack.  

Prepackaged lists give you the freedom to select your target audience as well as the industry that is best for you. This ensures that you can concentrate on other successful marketing strategies.

B2Bdatapartners provides you with the most exclusive and highly targeted database to make the best out of your direct marketing efforts. Now you can increase your marketing ROI with a database that includes detailed fields such as titles, location, and other demographics.
  • Salient features of our B2B database
  • Covers more than 55 industry segments with contact details of all the decision makers
  • Contains no duplicate or inaccurate records
Our B2B database brings you top management officials, sales influencers, directors, presidents and other key decision makers from several organizations.

Updated every 30 days, our database is perfect for your online or offline businesses. Accurate and complete, our online database is ready for immediate marketing, ensuring maximum deliverability rates.

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Email Deliverability: Ensure your reputation never comes in the way

In the previous post you learnt how you can grow your business with B2Bdatapartners’ accurate industry wise contact list. You decide to send them a promotional email in order to educate them about your products and services. But did you know that 77% of undelivered mails were due to sender reputation (source: Return Path)? As ISPs and webmail services get more sophisticated in how they assess incoming email, your sender reputation plays an ever bigger role in deciding whether your marketing email makes it to the recipient. 

Here are 5 ways to build an infallible sender reputation.
  1.     Use a dedicated IP address: Your IP address is the email equivalent of a Social Security number or passport. Don’t share it with any other company.
  2.      Keep a clean list: Maintain list hygiene by managing bounces, getting rid of inactive records, surveying your subscribers, and creating a preference center are a few examples.
  3.     Send relevant messages: If your messages are relevant, your subscribers are more likely to engage with them and less likely to complain.
  4.     Ask your subscribers to add you as a ‘Safe Sender’: Most ISPs offer some semblance of what is called “User-level Whitelisting” to their customers. This helps you gain credibility.
  5.     Immediately unsubscribe those who mark you as Spam: Get on the ISPs’ feedback loops to learn about who is marking you as spam. Brand new subscribers and older, inactive subscribers are most likely to complain.

Apart from your content, your reputation is what will make the difference between your emails being opened or being marked as spam. Many times, people open emails from a reputed sender even if the content is irrelevant. Hence taking care of your online reputation in general and email sender reputation in particular assumes paramount importance in today’s increasingly digital world.

B2Bdatapartners provides verified, bounce-free, clean and targeted email lists which will ensure maximum deliverability of all your emails. Contact them now to see how you can reach all the right people in your industry to expand your business.

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Verified Data to Reach Targeted Prospects

Each one of us want to explore new business territories and tap virgin markets, but the process is not as easy as it seems. There is a need to contact decision makers from different industries and pursue them to buy, in order to strike a deal. And to do so, one needs their contact details.

There are various companies that offer prospect contact information, and B2Bdatapartners is one of those. B2Bdatapartners provides accurate and verified contact list of prospects and vendors from different industries, and help you target them effectively. However, business data becomes obsolete faster than we can ever imagine. As per the reports, data decays by 6% every month, and therefore it’s important to cleanse it regularly to maintain its accuracy.

Therefore, there is a constant need to update data, and get fresh lead details. One should look at the following characteristics before purchasing any database:

  • Covers multiple industry segments
  • Have contact details of decision makers and top level executives who can influence purchase
  • Contains no redundant or inaccurate records
  • Is 100% spam free

B2bdatapartners offers B2B leads, IT Leads, Women Leads, Health Leads and European Leads that can help you reach targeted audience.

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Verification is the stepping stone to Data Victory

In the previous post we saw a classic scenario when a tele sales executive calls up the wrong person and ends up showing his company in poor light. Such situations are commonplace in small and big organizations when we’re aggressively trying to sell our new product.


How do we get maximum ROI from our investment on email and telephone lists? How do we efficiently deploy data management? By immediately exploiting these 2 fool-proof techniques.

        ·         Email Verification
        ·         Tele Verification

Email Verification
In order to reach more consumers, you’ve filled your database with umpteen contacts. In the process of gathering these addresses, certain minor details usually escape your observant eye (The @ sign, misplaced underscores, etc). As time went by, the owners of many of these email addresses might’ve migrated to a new address unknown to you. Another issue that may arise is that your prospects are no longer interested in your newsletter or product. So all the money that you spend on sending emails to these addresses essentially goes down the drain or worse, your company loses its reputation as a good sender.

So if you employ email verification, you can be rest assured that every email you send gets delivered to your prospect, does not hard bounce and is never marked as spam.

Telephone Verification
If email data decays at the rate of 3% a month, the quantum of telephone numbers getting changed is a lot higher. Making calls is also more expensive than sending emails. Also, people generally get the number format wrong. This can escalate into a costly issue because of the out-of-state and out-of-country charges that apply.

Hence if you implement telephone verification, you save on all these head-aches and easily reach the person you want to speak to.

B2Bdatapartners has a consummate email and tele verification process that ensures every email and every telephone number in your database is fresh, active, complete and opted-in. Use it to experience its benefits.

Don't speak to those who Don't want to listen to you

Imagine you have just gone to sleep, tired after slogging for the last 16 hrs to meet a deadline and the phone rings, “Good Morning Sir. I’m Scott calling from XYZ insurance company. Would you like to try our new policy?” You will slam down the phone and curse the sales person and the company for making such annoying phone calls.

In reality, Scott had checked who he was calling and made sure this was the right time to call. He also knew that this person would most likely buy the new insurance policy. Then where did Scott go wrong? In the telephone number that he dialed. His prospect had changed his number the previous month but Scott had his old number which was now being used by someone else. If the prospect had also changed his email address, Scott’s email id would’ve been marked as spam, or worse, if his email had hard bounced, his company would've been blacklisted.

How could Scott have avoided all this embarrassment? By verifying telephone numbers and email addresses beforehand. Data verification has 2 major benefits:

      1.  Getting in touch with your prospects on their current phone numbers and email ids.
      2.  Not troubling those who are not interested. They will go out of their way to mark you as spam.

Using unverified data depletes your resources while unnecessarily showing your company in poor light. Don’t lose the trust of those who might just be your future prospects. Use B2Bdatapartners’ Data Verification tool to reach only those who want to listen to you. Save your time and money and get maximum returns from your marketing campaigns.

Riding the ‘Data Influx’ is meant for pros

From gigabytes to terabytes, exabytes and zettabytes, infinite amount of data is available through various sources. The accessibility of data provides business leverage on one hand, however if mismanaged it can prove to an expensive resource, something that will be carried around like dead weight. Data and Database Management are necessary evils, without which data decays, customers freeze and revenues retire.

The fundamental Data Management Process involves:-

Data Appending
Data Cleaning
Data Updating
Data Maintaining 
Data Enriching

The Business Benefits of adopting data and database management solutions include:-

developing a comprehensive, authentic list of prospects
targeting a niche audience
obtaining new prospects
identifying data decay
decreasing rates of undelivered emails
cost effectively reviving old, dormant contacts
giving new life to marketing campaigns
maximizing revenues 
efficiently utilizing business data

Data Management Methods 

B2B Data Appending
Data Enhancement
Data Cleansing
List Building
Phone & Fax Appending
Data Validation
Email Appending
Data Profiling
ECOA Appending
NCOA Appending
Data Enrichment
Data Acquisition

Maintaining data is important in developing updated databases with credible information. It is essential to keep data squeaky clean, without which it does not hold much value at all. With data becoming too big with ‘big data’ repositories, organizations have no choice but to adopt data and database management methods. Otherwise Good Luck with finding your way through the ever evolving data maze!

B2bdatapartners data cleansing and management services can help you sweep the dirty data and experience advantages of squeaky clean data.

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Rejuvenate Your Data

Imagine working hard for a whole week, burning the midnight oil everyday to meet a deadline. You’ve lost weight, lost sleep and look completely fatigued. Now imagine going to a spa at the end of the week, relaxing with a soothing massage to repair your wrecked nerves and replenishing yourself with a sumptuous feast? I’m sure you’re feeling rejuvenated just imagining it. Now what would’ve happened if you had continued to work like a horse without taking even an hour off to revitalize yourself? Your productivity will hit rock bottom and it will take a lot of costly effort to pull you up.

Does this scenario draw an analogy with your business data? Old fatigued data is extremely unproductive, whereas fresh, new data will work wonders for your sales and marketing. Hence it is vital to update your data on a regular basis, the more frequently, the better. Moreover, did you know that a database tends to decay after every 60 minutes by 3%? Updating your database at regular intervals (minimum of 30 days) will keep it healthy and fresh.

In a nutshell, updated data helps you 

        ·         Reach everyone you intend to reach
        ·         Fully exploit multi channel marketing
        ·         Not lose out to the cut throat competition
        ·         Get maximum ROI from your marketing investment

B2Bdatapartners has a host of data updating and data appending services to make sure your data is fresh, new and ready to use. It also takes care of hard bounces in case of email addresses. Try it and see it infuse new life into your marketing campaigns.

Renew. Replenish. Rejuvenate. Your data.

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Sweep the Dirty Data Clean From Under the Rug

Dirty data is the most annoying fear for any marketer; no wonder that’s the reason why data cleansing, data cleaning, or data scrubbing is a solution that every marketer looks for. Data can get dirty due to various reasons like computation error, redundancy and wrong entry in the database or people changing their jobs/telephone numbers/postal address.

Identifying incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate data from the database and then replacing, modifying or correcting it is known as data cleansing. Dirty data leads to less-efficient work and more complications. The primary aim of data cleansing is to ensure that errors don’t creep into the system and the data is as useful and as meaningful as possible.

For any data-dependent business, data scrubbing is very important in order to ensure that data is not only accurate but also consistent throughout. An organization in a data-intensive field like banking, database marketing, insurance, retailing, recruitment, healthcare, IT, telecommunications, or transportation need data scrubbing tool to systematically examine data flaws.

B2bdatapartners’ Data Cleansing/Scrubbing and Enrichment services include:

       ·         Data aggregation, organization, and cleansing
       ·         De-duplication of data: identification and removal of duplicate/redundant records
       ·         Identification of missing or incomplete data
       ·         The removal of spurious and invalid records
       ·         Data validation
       ·         Removal of obsolete data
       ·         The comparison and removal of records matching third party information, such as the opt-in and opt-out list
B2bdatapartners data cleansing and management services can help you sweep the dirty data and experience advantages of squeaky clean data.

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How are you dealing with your Decayed Data?

In a previous post we saw how data management is important to any business. Business data usually consists of first name, last name, email address, telephone number, fax, job title and mailing address. It also includes zip code, revenue, company name, company size, Primary Industry, SIC Code, NAICS, etc.

We know that the only constant thing is change. This statement could not be more apt for our digital B2B marketing world. People are often moving jobs, relocating to different cities and changing their contact numbers. Being able to reach your customers promptly and according to their preferred mode of communication is important for retaining and growing your business. Incorrect and incomplete information can cost your business precious time and money.

Data Appending bails you out with its three distinct advantages. It

  • Fills the gaps in your database
  • Adds data to gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Fine-tunes your marketing and customer service efforts
  • Removes all the inconsistencies in your database

Since getting in touch with your customer is the first step in any marketing effort, it is vital to save every bit of contact information you can get. Data Appending, which includes email appending, keeps you updated with the latest data. Your competitors would already have this crucial knowledge. Since the early bird gets the worm, make sure you don’t go hungry.

Data Appending done in a proper way will:

  • Enhance the quality of your database by correcting, completing and cleansing it
  • Manage and maintain your Database in the most comprehensive way
  • Ensure that you get optimum results by completing inadequate or incomplete data and appending missing information
  • Make sure that you don't waste your marketing resource with out-if-date customer information

B2Bdatapartners has a proficient Data Appending service that will strengthen your database with accurate details of all your customers and prospective customers. Armed with a complete and error-free database, the online marketing world is yours to conquer.

Quality Data Process


Quality Data is the main component in building a Power-Packed Marketing Database. The process involved begins with sourcing data, compilation, appending, verification and validation.

Obtaining credible Data Sources is integral in gaining quality data…
If the data source is faulty the information base is entirely misdirected!
Data Compilation enables organization of a huge repository of data…
Only data which translates to relevant information can be taken out of the dumps!
Data Appending is necessary to build a complete and comprehensive database…
Incomplete data has no meaningful purpose!
Besides filling in gaps, Data Verification and Validation is very important. ..

Without credible data how is it possible to obtain a trustworthy database!

Taking into consideration this structured approach Quality Data can be obtained, which is the key driver for Data Governance, Master Data Management and Business Intelligence Projects.

B2bdatapartners offers Quality Data that allow business marketers to enhance the accuracy and predictive power of their database.

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Demystifying the Power of Data Management

The arena of marketing is rapidly changing with the changes in consumer behaviors and recent developments in technology. Policies that marketing campaigners adopted 12 months back are already outdated and fail to work today. In this fast changing scenario, the only thing that is constant is the significance of your business database for your marketing efforts.

Data is, and will be the biggest marketing asset for the marketers worldwide. You need to own a complete and correct database with no flaws or loopholes, in order to make all your marketing campaigns successful. The more accurate your business database is, the better it will be for you to market your products and services.

Irrespective of what your business is, owning a valid, verified and updated business data can help you get access to the prospects/leads/customers that are interested in your products or services, and want to buy from you. Data management is the best way to strategically upgrade your marketing campaign in the most cost-effective and highly profitable way.

What is Data Management?

Data Management is the convenient and cost-effective way to enrich your customer or prospect information. Data Management helps you cleanse, complete and correct your database in the most time-saving and cost-effective way. By data management, we mean:

  • Data Appending
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Updating
  • Data Maintaining
  • Data Scrutinizing 
  • Data Analyzing
  • Data Enriching
B2bdatapartners offers data appending services that allow business marketers to enhance the accuracy and predictive power of their data.

For more information:

Spam emails are considered as the unwanted pests

Anti-spam measures are taken by every email server to block out the delivery of any suspected or spam emails. Spam emails are considered as the unwanted pests. Companies and businesses go to great lengths to block out any spam mails from entering their mail servers. They use various mechanisms to identify these spam mails.

Any email that is suspected or identified as a spam mail is either immediately deleted or sent directly to the recipient’s junk folder instead of the Inbox. This way the recipient never sees the email. 

Sometimes the imperfection of anti-spamming measures increases the problem for the email marketers. Here are the reasons:

Sometimes a perfectly normal mail is labeled as a spam. This particular marketing email might be perfectly legitimate, but might get caught up in the anti-spam net. 
Each mail service applies a different kind of anti-spam mechanism to control spam. This becomes difficult for email marketers to take into account all the anti-spam mechanisms and send out legitimate marketing emails. 
You rarely get any feedback when your email gets spammed. 

Fortunately there are ways you can ensure that your email gets delivered straight to your prospect’s mailbox.   

B2Bdatapartners’ smart hard bounce management tool removes all bounce messages. It eases your burden of correcting the invalid addresses. Our proprietary hard bounce management tool can scrub your existing customer database by verifying it against our in-house master data file.

For more information:

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