Rejuvenate Your Data

Imagine working hard for a whole week, burning the midnight oil everyday to meet a deadline. You’ve lost weight, lost sleep and look completely fatigued. Now imagine going to a spa at the end of the week, relaxing with a soothing massage to repair your wrecked nerves and replenishing yourself with a sumptuous feast? I’m sure you’re feeling rejuvenated just imagining it. Now what would’ve happened if you had continued to work like a horse without taking even an hour off to revitalize yourself? Your productivity will hit rock bottom and it will take a lot of costly effort to pull you up.

Does this scenario draw an analogy with your business data? Old fatigued data is extremely unproductive, whereas fresh, new data will work wonders for your sales and marketing. Hence it is vital to update your data on a regular basis, the more frequently, the better. Moreover, did you know that a database tends to decay after every 60 minutes by 3%? Updating your database at regular intervals (minimum of 30 days) will keep it healthy and fresh.

In a nutshell, updated data helps you 

        ·         Reach everyone you intend to reach
        ·         Fully exploit multi channel marketing
        ·         Not lose out to the cut throat competition
        ·         Get maximum ROI from your marketing investment

B2Bdatapartners has a host of data updating and data appending services to make sure your data is fresh, new and ready to use. It also takes care of hard bounces in case of email addresses. Try it and see it infuse new life into your marketing campaigns.

Renew. Replenish. Rejuvenate. Your data.

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  1. Every 60 minutes by 3%? What a bunch of crap.

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