Sweep the Dirty Data Clean From Under the Rug

Dirty data is the most annoying fear for any marketer; no wonder that’s the reason why data cleansing, data cleaning, or data scrubbing is a solution that every marketer looks for. Data can get dirty due to various reasons like computation error, redundancy and wrong entry in the database or people changing their jobs/telephone numbers/postal address.

Identifying incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate data from the database and then replacing, modifying or correcting it is known as data cleansing. Dirty data leads to less-efficient work and more complications. The primary aim of data cleansing is to ensure that errors don’t creep into the system and the data is as useful and as meaningful as possible.

For any data-dependent business, data scrubbing is very important in order to ensure that data is not only accurate but also consistent throughout. An organization in a data-intensive field like banking, database marketing, insurance, retailing, recruitment, healthcare, IT, telecommunications, or transportation need data scrubbing tool to systematically examine data flaws.

B2bdatapartners’ Data Cleansing/Scrubbing and Enrichment services include:

       ·         Data aggregation, organization, and cleansing
       ·         De-duplication of data: identification and removal of duplicate/redundant records
       ·         Identification of missing or incomplete data
       ·         The removal of spurious and invalid records
       ·         Data validation
       ·         Removal of obsolete data
       ·         The comparison and removal of records matching third party information, such as the opt-in and opt-out list
B2bdatapartners data cleansing and management services can help you sweep the dirty data and experience advantages of squeaky clean data.

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