Riding the ‘Data Influx’ is meant for pros

From gigabytes to terabytes, exabytes and zettabytes, infinite amount of data is available through various sources. The accessibility of data provides business leverage on one hand, however if mismanaged it can prove to an expensive resource, something that will be carried around like dead weight. Data and Database Management are necessary evils, without which data decays, customers freeze and revenues retire.

The fundamental Data Management Process involves:-

Data Appending
Data Cleaning
Data Updating
Data Maintaining 
Data Enriching

The Business Benefits of adopting data and database management solutions include:-

developing a comprehensive, authentic list of prospects
targeting a niche audience
obtaining new prospects
identifying data decay
decreasing rates of undelivered emails
cost effectively reviving old, dormant contacts
giving new life to marketing campaigns
maximizing revenues 
efficiently utilizing business data

Data Management Methods 

B2B Data Appending
Data Enhancement
Data Cleansing
List Building
Phone & Fax Appending
Data Validation
Email Appending
Data Profiling
ECOA Appending
NCOA Appending
Data Enrichment
Data Acquisition

Maintaining data is important in developing updated databases with credible information. It is essential to keep data squeaky clean, without which it does not hold much value at all. With data becoming too big with ‘big data’ repositories, organizations have no choice but to adopt data and database management methods. Otherwise Good Luck with finding your way through the ever evolving data maze!

B2bdatapartners data cleansing and management services can help you sweep the dirty data and experience advantages of squeaky clean data.

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