Verification is the stepping stone to Data Victory

In the previous post we saw a classic scenario when a tele sales executive calls up the wrong person and ends up showing his company in poor light. Such situations are commonplace in small and big organizations when we’re aggressively trying to sell our new product.


How do we get maximum ROI from our investment on email and telephone lists? How do we efficiently deploy data management? By immediately exploiting these 2 fool-proof techniques.

        ·         Email Verification
        ·         Tele Verification

Email Verification
In order to reach more consumers, you’ve filled your database with umpteen contacts. In the process of gathering these addresses, certain minor details usually escape your observant eye (The @ sign, misplaced underscores, etc). As time went by, the owners of many of these email addresses might’ve migrated to a new address unknown to you. Another issue that may arise is that your prospects are no longer interested in your newsletter or product. So all the money that you spend on sending emails to these addresses essentially goes down the drain or worse, your company loses its reputation as a good sender.

So if you employ email verification, you can be rest assured that every email you send gets delivered to your prospect, does not hard bounce and is never marked as spam.

Telephone Verification
If email data decays at the rate of 3% a month, the quantum of telephone numbers getting changed is a lot higher. Making calls is also more expensive than sending emails. Also, people generally get the number format wrong. This can escalate into a costly issue because of the out-of-state and out-of-country charges that apply.

Hence if you implement telephone verification, you save on all these head-aches and easily reach the person you want to speak to.

B2Bdatapartners has a consummate email and tele verification process that ensures every email and every telephone number in your database is fresh, active, complete and opted-in. Use it to experience its benefits.

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