Don't speak to those who Don't want to listen to you

Imagine you have just gone to sleep, tired after slogging for the last 16 hrs to meet a deadline and the phone rings, “Good Morning Sir. I’m Scott calling from XYZ insurance company. Would you like to try our new policy?” You will slam down the phone and curse the sales person and the company for making such annoying phone calls.

In reality, Scott had checked who he was calling and made sure this was the right time to call. He also knew that this person would most likely buy the new insurance policy. Then where did Scott go wrong? In the telephone number that he dialed. His prospect had changed his number the previous month but Scott had his old number which was now being used by someone else. If the prospect had also changed his email address, Scott’s email id would’ve been marked as spam, or worse, if his email had hard bounced, his company would've been blacklisted.

How could Scott have avoided all this embarrassment? By verifying telephone numbers and email addresses beforehand. Data verification has 2 major benefits:

      1.  Getting in touch with your prospects on their current phone numbers and email ids.
      2.  Not troubling those who are not interested. They will go out of their way to mark you as spam.

Using unverified data depletes your resources while unnecessarily showing your company in poor light. Don’t lose the trust of those who might just be your future prospects. Use B2Bdatapartners’ Data Verification tool to reach only those who want to listen to you. Save your time and money and get maximum returns from your marketing campaigns.

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