Verification is the stepping stone to Data Victory

In the previous post we saw a classic scenario when a tele sales executive calls up the wrong person and ends up showing his company in poor light. Such situations are commonplace in small and big organizations when we’re aggressively trying to sell our new product.


How do we get maximum ROI from our investment on email and telephone lists? How do we efficiently deploy data management? By immediately exploiting these 2 fool-proof techniques.

        ·         Email Verification
        ·         Tele Verification

Email Verification
In order to reach more consumers, you’ve filled your database with umpteen contacts. In the process of gathering these addresses, certain minor details usually escape your observant eye (The @ sign, misplaced underscores, etc). As time went by, the owners of many of these email addresses might’ve migrated to a new address unknown to you. Another issue that may arise is that your prospects are no longer interested in your newsletter or product. So all the money that you spend on sending emails to these addresses essentially goes down the drain or worse, your company loses its reputation as a good sender.

So if you employ email verification, you can be rest assured that every email you send gets delivered to your prospect, does not hard bounce and is never marked as spam.

Telephone Verification
If email data decays at the rate of 3% a month, the quantum of telephone numbers getting changed is a lot higher. Making calls is also more expensive than sending emails. Also, people generally get the number format wrong. This can escalate into a costly issue because of the out-of-state and out-of-country charges that apply.

Hence if you implement telephone verification, you save on all these head-aches and easily reach the person you want to speak to.

B2Bdatapartners has a consummate email and tele verification process that ensures every email and every telephone number in your database is fresh, active, complete and opted-in. Use it to experience its benefits.

Don't speak to those who Don't want to listen to you

Imagine you have just gone to sleep, tired after slogging for the last 16 hrs to meet a deadline and the phone rings, “Good Morning Sir. I’m Scott calling from XYZ insurance company. Would you like to try our new policy?” You will slam down the phone and curse the sales person and the company for making such annoying phone calls.

In reality, Scott had checked who he was calling and made sure this was the right time to call. He also knew that this person would most likely buy the new insurance policy. Then where did Scott go wrong? In the telephone number that he dialed. His prospect had changed his number the previous month but Scott had his old number which was now being used by someone else. If the prospect had also changed his email address, Scott’s email id would’ve been marked as spam, or worse, if his email had hard bounced, his company would've been blacklisted.

How could Scott have avoided all this embarrassment? By verifying telephone numbers and email addresses beforehand. Data verification has 2 major benefits:

      1.  Getting in touch with your prospects on their current phone numbers and email ids.
      2.  Not troubling those who are not interested. They will go out of their way to mark you as spam.

Using unverified data depletes your resources while unnecessarily showing your company in poor light. Don’t lose the trust of those who might just be your future prospects. Use B2Bdatapartners’ Data Verification tool to reach only those who want to listen to you. Save your time and money and get maximum returns from your marketing campaigns.

Riding the ‘Data Influx’ is meant for pros

From gigabytes to terabytes, exabytes and zettabytes, infinite amount of data is available through various sources. The accessibility of data provides business leverage on one hand, however if mismanaged it can prove to an expensive resource, something that will be carried around like dead weight. Data and Database Management are necessary evils, without which data decays, customers freeze and revenues retire.

The fundamental Data Management Process involves:-

Data Appending
Data Cleaning
Data Updating
Data Maintaining 
Data Enriching

The Business Benefits of adopting data and database management solutions include:-

developing a comprehensive, authentic list of prospects
targeting a niche audience
obtaining new prospects
identifying data decay
decreasing rates of undelivered emails
cost effectively reviving old, dormant contacts
giving new life to marketing campaigns
maximizing revenues 
efficiently utilizing business data

Data Management Methods 

B2B Data Appending
Data Enhancement
Data Cleansing
List Building
Phone & Fax Appending
Data Validation
Email Appending
Data Profiling
ECOA Appending
NCOA Appending
Data Enrichment
Data Acquisition

Maintaining data is important in developing updated databases with credible information. It is essential to keep data squeaky clean, without which it does not hold much value at all. With data becoming too big with ‘big data’ repositories, organizations have no choice but to adopt data and database management methods. Otherwise Good Luck with finding your way through the ever evolving data maze!

B2bdatapartners data cleansing and management services can help you sweep the dirty data and experience advantages of squeaky clean data.

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Rejuvenate Your Data

Imagine working hard for a whole week, burning the midnight oil everyday to meet a deadline. You’ve lost weight, lost sleep and look completely fatigued. Now imagine going to a spa at the end of the week, relaxing with a soothing massage to repair your wrecked nerves and replenishing yourself with a sumptuous feast? I’m sure you’re feeling rejuvenated just imagining it. Now what would’ve happened if you had continued to work like a horse without taking even an hour off to revitalize yourself? Your productivity will hit rock bottom and it will take a lot of costly effort to pull you up.

Does this scenario draw an analogy with your business data? Old fatigued data is extremely unproductive, whereas fresh, new data will work wonders for your sales and marketing. Hence it is vital to update your data on a regular basis, the more frequently, the better. Moreover, did you know that a database tends to decay after every 60 minutes by 3%? Updating your database at regular intervals (minimum of 30 days) will keep it healthy and fresh.

In a nutshell, updated data helps you 

        ·         Reach everyone you intend to reach
        ·         Fully exploit multi channel marketing
        ·         Not lose out to the cut throat competition
        ·         Get maximum ROI from your marketing investment

B2Bdatapartners has a host of data updating and data appending services to make sure your data is fresh, new and ready to use. It also takes care of hard bounces in case of email addresses. Try it and see it infuse new life into your marketing campaigns.

Renew. Replenish. Rejuvenate. Your data.

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Sweep the Dirty Data Clean From Under the Rug

Dirty data is the most annoying fear for any marketer; no wonder that’s the reason why data cleansing, data cleaning, or data scrubbing is a solution that every marketer looks for. Data can get dirty due to various reasons like computation error, redundancy and wrong entry in the database or people changing their jobs/telephone numbers/postal address.

Identifying incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate data from the database and then replacing, modifying or correcting it is known as data cleansing. Dirty data leads to less-efficient work and more complications. The primary aim of data cleansing is to ensure that errors don’t creep into the system and the data is as useful and as meaningful as possible.

For any data-dependent business, data scrubbing is very important in order to ensure that data is not only accurate but also consistent throughout. An organization in a data-intensive field like banking, database marketing, insurance, retailing, recruitment, healthcare, IT, telecommunications, or transportation need data scrubbing tool to systematically examine data flaws.

B2bdatapartners’ Data Cleansing/Scrubbing and Enrichment services include:

       ·         Data aggregation, organization, and cleansing
       ·         De-duplication of data: identification and removal of duplicate/redundant records
       ·         Identification of missing or incomplete data
       ·         The removal of spurious and invalid records
       ·         Data validation
       ·         Removal of obsolete data
       ·         The comparison and removal of records matching third party information, such as the opt-in and opt-out list
B2bdatapartners data cleansing and management services can help you sweep the dirty data and experience advantages of squeaky clean data.

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