Should You Build a Mailing List or Just Buy One?

Mailing list plays an extremely important role for both online and offline marketing. However, building a list form the scratch is not an easy task. It takes time, patience and lots of quality sources to drive in all the leads. And most of the time such leads hardly are of desired quality.

Therefore, in such cases the smarter thing to do is to buy a database filled with targeted contact details and vital demographics that will provide you with quality targeted audience. All you need to do is simply choose a reliable vendor and provide them with the details of how your target audience should be.

Buying an instant mailing list will also save you time and money and lots of other efforts.

Here are a few key pointers that will help you decide better:


Buying an instant mailing list is far more convenient. You just place your details to your vendor and they will arrange for the entire prepackaged list that will suit your criteria

Data accuracy:

Generating your own lists can result into lots of inaccuracies and inconsistencies. This will happen especially when you are not sure of the source of your data and its quality.

Regularly updated:

Prepackaged lists are regularly updated to ensure its freshness. You might not have this facility while compiling your own list.

Number of contacts:

While building a list, you might face the daunting task of collecting a huge number of leads. However, prepackaged lists would come with huge number of contacts, along with all of their other details – all compiled and collected into one pack.  

Prepackaged lists give you the freedom to select your target audience as well as the industry that is best for you. This ensures that you can concentrate on other successful marketing strategies.

B2Bdatapartners provides you with the most exclusive and highly targeted database to make the best out of your direct marketing efforts. Now you can increase your marketing ROI with a database that includes detailed fields such as titles, location, and other demographics.
  • Salient features of our B2B database
  • Covers more than 55 industry segments with contact details of all the decision makers
  • Contains no duplicate or inaccurate records
Our B2B database brings you top management officials, sales influencers, directors, presidents and other key decision makers from several organizations.

Updated every 30 days, our database is perfect for your online or offline businesses. Accurate and complete, our online database is ready for immediate marketing, ensuring maximum deliverability rates.

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Call: 800-382-4081

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