How List Segmentation can Dramatically Boost Response Rates

Email marketing occupies a pride of place as the most effective digital marketing method. So putting in place a good email list management system is worth the effort because it can make or break your email-marketing campaign.

One of the most important aspects of a good list management system is segmentation. Imagine you’re a biking enthusiast and you receive an email about the latest art exhibition in town. You obviously consider the sender as spam and don’t want to hear from them ever again. So a seemingly genuine event manager gets blacklisted just because he did not segment his list.

The general categories used to segment a list are:
  •         Prospects vs. Customers – perhaps the most important segmentation criteria. You don’t want to overwhelm a prospect or disrespect a customer by sending them the same content.
  •       Demographics (ZIP/postal code, gender, age, occupation) – If your subscriber divulges his preferences on your fill up form, he expects you to use them to send relevant content.
  •      Activity level of subscribers – people who regularly open your emails can be given more information to reward their loyalty. Subscribers who’ve just signed up need more pampering. Those who’ve become inactive need to be shaken up.
  •       Hobbies / Interests - Don’t bother your entire subscriber list with content that only applies to some of them. For example, a church might send new nursery rules only to those who signed up for childcare updates.
  •       Purchase Activity – Send different emails to those Send an email to people who purchased a particular product from your store, or to people who spent a certain amount of money at your store. Better yet, offer a discount to your most frequent customers.

Now that you’ve segmented your list and assuming the content is ready, you have to do one final check. The list must and should be clean, verified, updated and bounce-free. Good or bad data hygiene will decide whether you’re black-listed or not.

B2Bdatapartners gives you email lists exactly as per your segmentation requirements. They are also up-to-date, cleansed and verified. Use our robust data management solutions and see your campaign get the highest response rates.

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