List Hygiene - 5 Ways to Do It the Right Way

Maintaining List Hygiene Is A Must 

You definitely know now that building a data repository (list) is vital for your business, but are you aware that it also needs to be cleansed regularly? 

As per an estimate, nearly forty five million people change their email address in a year, so your probability of having non-existent email contacts in your list is likely to be 85%. Moreover, we take permission from our subscribers to send mails and assume it was granted for a lifetime. 

Permission is perishable, and it’s most likely that your customers have forgot your brand if you were not actively in touch with them and infrequent in emails. Maintaining proper list hygiene becomes even more necessary if your list is old. 

Here are 5 quick tips that can help you polish your business list:  

1.Handle unsubscribe requests on priority
2.Analyze bounce-backs, identify reasons for the same, determine subsequent course of action and remove hard bounces from your list
3.Monitor your "reply to" address to ensure that the sender is legitimate 
4.Examine your open and click-through rates
5.Try to re-engage inactive list members, and if your initiative doesn’t work, remove them from the list

In a nutshell, if your subscribers aren't interested; spend your time in communicating with those who are interested and remove the uninterested lot. B2Bdatapartners has expertise in maintaining list hygiene, contact us to know more. 

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