Spam emails are considered as the unwanted pests

Anti-spam measures are taken by every email server to block out the delivery of any suspected or spam emails. Spam emails are considered as the unwanted pests. Companies and businesses go to great lengths to block out any spam mails from entering their mail servers. They use various mechanisms to identify these spam mails.

Any email that is suspected or identified as a spam mail is either immediately deleted or sent directly to the recipient’s junk folder instead of the Inbox. This way the recipient never sees the email. 

Sometimes the imperfection of anti-spamming measures increases the problem for the email marketers. Here are the reasons:

Sometimes a perfectly normal mail is labeled as a spam. This particular marketing email might be perfectly legitimate, but might get caught up in the anti-spam net. 
Each mail service applies a different kind of anti-spam mechanism to control spam. This becomes difficult for email marketers to take into account all the anti-spam mechanisms and send out legitimate marketing emails. 
You rarely get any feedback when your email gets spammed. 

Fortunately there are ways you can ensure that your email gets delivered straight to your prospect’s mailbox.   

B2Bdatapartners’ smart hard bounce management tool removes all bounce messages. It eases your burden of correcting the invalid addresses. Our proprietary hard bounce management tool can scrub your existing customer database by verifying it against our in-house master data file.

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