What causes your emails to bounce back?

Before you come up with a proper solution to your email deliverability problem, you need to know what causes them in the first place and how your deliverability is actually controlled. In reality, there are 7 primary filters through which your email needs to pass through. These filters are used by ISPs and corporate system administrators as they spam trap as many junk emails as possible hitting their server.

These 7 filters are:

1. Public Blacklists: There are a number of organizations like MAPS and Spam Cop that maintains lists of IP addresses that are linked to known or suspected spammers. These organizations make spammers public for ISPs and others to use them in screening out spam.

2. Private Blacklists: There are many ISPs and corporate system administrators that also maintain their own list of IPs for suspected spammers. There are different criteria based on which these spammers are suspected, such as,

• Complaints received from various subscribers
• Unknown user rates
• Server configuration issues

3. Fingerprinting/Spam Traps: Bright mail is considered to be the most commonly known fingerprinting/spam trap system. They filter known spam messages after they are matched against those that have generated previous complaints, or have delivered spam trap addresses. The “From” address is also considered.

4. Machine Learning-based Content Filters: As the name suggests, these filters are based on the words and phrases present in the email. This can be the content present in the body or the header.

5. Server Configuration: These filters instantly block the emails based on the server configurations.

6. Volume Cap: Some ISPs block your mails if the frequency or the number of connections is too high and exceed the threshold. Be careful so that you don’t surpass your limit.

7. Challenge Response: Some systems require a reply from your end to a challenge message. This usually proves you to be a real person. Such a filter basically confirms your email and domain and sends it to the “allowed sender” list.

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