The DMA Conference 2011 Was a Superb Success!!!

B2BDataPartners was delighted to take part in the world-class marketing event from 1-6 October, 2011. The recently concluded event saw slurry of marketing activities from meeting new prospects and leads to gaining new insights on the digital marketing industry. The main speakers of the 6-day long event included the top brass from the international digital marketing scenario.
Booth No. 1936 was throbbing with action as visitors poured in and met our marketing officials. The interactions proved to be highly constructive and conversational. B2BDataPartners were able to provide all the prospects with:
·        Deep insightful knowledge of B2B marketing
·        Meaty resources in the form of brochures, leaflets, handouts etc.
·        Sharing tips with prospects on improving their ROI
·        Quick consultation n marketing services
·        Kick-starting a worthwhile business relationship with all leads and prospects
B2BDataPartners thanks all of you for making this event a grand success.
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