Are You Attending DMA Conference 2011 At Boston?

Have You Not Made It To The Conference And Are Still Weighing Its Pros And Cons?

If the answer is a yes, then you are definitely missing on something. B2BDataPartners is present at this marketing splash and can help you:

  •    Meet global marketing giants and learn ways to trim your marketing cost
  • Get powerful and significant insights about data, and how it can help you shape your business growth
  • Reach out to the niche prospects and promote your products and services
  • Access 6.3 Global Technology Data Intelligence
  • Learn ways to integrate marketing, data and customer service
Today is the last day of the conference, and your last chance of the year to take your business to another level.

Miss it at your own risk.          
                                      B2BDataPartners awaits your presence at:
              Booth No. 1936
                                                    Boston Convention and exhibition center
    Boston, MA


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