There are several criteria that an ISP considers while reporting spam against an email. Spamming proves to be economic for advertisers as it involves no operating costs. There are numerous spammers across the web and pose a serious threat to honest online advertisers. As a result Internet Service Providers (ISP) has formulated several measures to check the increasing rate of spamming. Only a trusted email campaign expert can help you avoid spamming like a pro.

The three common methods of email spamming used by the major ISPs and servers are:

Blacklisting – ISPs use this technique to identify which emails from a particular address should be blocked. Such lists would contain domains or IP addresses of known or expected spammers. If spam emails are sent from a domain continually, it might be blocked permanently. Also, constant spam complaints may cause domains to be on the blacklists. Sometimes, blacklists also contain email service providers who are into opt-in marketing.

Content Filters – This method is purely based on the content of the emails. Emails containing ‘spam’ terms in the body can get filtered by the ISP. Here, the entire domain or IP address is not blocked, but that particular email is. Though it might seem less serious, it can affect a major percentage of emails if continued unchecked.

Volume Filters - Most of the prominent ISPs trigger volume filters for emails that exceed the stipulated maximum rate. Industry based or categorized mailing invariably has large percentage of users with common major ISPs like Yahoo and MSN.

Sophisticated mail servers these days bounce email from mass mailing campaigns. Servers show up on your report as if the email didn't exist. This has lead to email service providers and email tools reporting a lot more bounces while the emails actually exist. This problem is also because of the type and the number of emails of emails you have sent to that server.

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